The 2020 Asian Podcast Summit & Awards

The 2020 Asian Podcast Summit & Awards marks the first annual event created to amplify Asian representation within podcasting and celebrate Asian podcasters across the world.

Our inaugural event will be held virtually on December 27, 2020.

The theme for this year


We aim to celebrate those who amplify the voices of global Asian community through the podcast medium, because our stories matter. By creating a platform to recognized and honor the members of the Asian podcasting community, we hope to empower and encourage more to join in telling our important stories.


The Founder

Created by Jerry Won, founder of the Asian Podcast Network, Just Like Media, and The Podcast Firm.

Just Like Media

A podcast-first media company dedicated to sharing unique Asian American stories. Our stories include Dear Asian Americans, MBAsians, Korean American Parenting, and the Asian CRE Network.

The Podcast Firm

A podcast production and consulting practice. Our services include end-to-end podcast production, podcasting marketing and strategy consulting, and podcast launch courses and coaching.